License Scan report

Project: lfai
Subproject: JanusGraph
Snapshot on: 2022-08-08 (show repos)
janusgraph 3fa6ce79
janusgraph-ambari 44fba475
janusgraph-cassandra 436ed4ad
janusgraph-docker d48b411b
janusgraph-dotnet c6c245f3
janusgraph-foundationdb b308e333
janusgraph-python e546fac8

Key findings:

No key findings were identified that currently require action.

License summary:

Project Licenses:
  Apache-2.0   1500
  Apache-2.0 AND CC-BY-4.0   6
  Apache-2.0 OR CC-BY-4.0   4
  CC-BY-4.0   6
No license found:
  No license found in file   226
  No license found in file - excluded file extension   56
TOTAL   1798  

Counts are numbers of files detected in the scanned repos.

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