Linux Foundation License Scan report

Project: acumos
Subproject: (all subprojects)
Snapshot on: 2020-01 (show repos)
acumos-azure-client c26ad1c3
acumos-c-client 50cf135c
acumos-java-client 7d4a9a06
acumos-nexus-client 1bd9cdd4
acumos-python-client 3f7aabc0
acumos-r-client 20d7ab29
common-dataservice 1655629d
common-dataservice/config-management 311b9ee0
databroker 0105b871
databroker/data-streamer 1861b7e7
databroker/dataset 1811fbc4
design-studio ae3cba93
docker-proxy eef832ff
documentation 6f2dd0e4
face-privacy-filter 0a3a8011
federation 05e69071
generic-model-runner 7d403418
h2o-toolkit ec31bedc
image-classification 70e1d6a1
image-mood-classifier cbaac7f0
kubernetes-client beba4e70
license-manager e29aab79
license-usage-manager a184e23e
message-handling 889745ca
microservice-generation 6d61a6a6
model-builder/h2o-model-builder f06e6f4e
model-deployments/deployment-client 668efbb0
model-deployments/predictor-management 08d757b0
model-runner/h2o-model-runner 794e614e
model-runner/rds-model-runner 7a771011
model-schema 447559d6
modeling-toolkit c9776cf5
on-boarding 8d808367
on-boarding/model-management 05879af1
openstack-client 15bb54f2
platform-oam 3676e6d5
platform-orchestration 325857a7
portal-marketplace 69610db4
proto-viewer 36a336a7
python-dcae-model-runner f9574de3
python-model-runner faa0893d
runtime-orchestrator 1c7ceaf9
security-verification 68a44c44
spark-model-runner 9ce47578
system-integration cb51a41e
test-automation 4b368409
test-models 81a4bb02
threat-analytics a32255b1
training 2fee660b
vm-predictor 13d4bc35
workbench 510ad82c
workbench/zeppelin 36e9798b

Key findings:

Finding #1
Priority: Very High
This file indicates that sample images are provided only for testing and demonstration purposes, and are not authorized for sale or redistribution outside of this context. This statement, and the images it refers to, should be relicensed by the copyright holder under the Acumos project licenses, or else they should be removed from the repo.
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Finding #2
Priority: Very High
This file indicates that sample videos may carry additional copyright restrictions and are not meant for public resale or consumption. This statement, and the videos it refers to, should be relicensed by the copyright holder under the Acumos project licenses, or else they should be removed from the repo.
3 files (show files)
Finding #3
Priority: High
The version of this component in the repo is licensed under Facebook's old BSD-plus-PATENTS statement, which many see as problematic. I recommend either moving to a newer version of the applicable code that uses a standard open source license, if there is one; or else using an alternative component under a more appropriate license otherwise.
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Finding #4
Priority: Medium
This file appears to contain a list of dependencies (and corresponding licenses) originating from Apache Zeppelin. Can you confirm that none of the components listed in this file are contained within the repo itself, and that all of these are build-time dependencies?
1 file (show files)
Finding #5
Priority: Low
This package.json NPM manifest lists the license as just "Apache", without specifying a version number. There are multiple versions of Apache licenses with significantly different effects. I recommend updating this to say "Apache-2.0" to be more specific which version applies.
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License summary:

Project licenses:
  Apache-2.0   3319
  Apache-2.0 (ASF header)   11
  Apache-2.0 AND CC-BY-4.0   12
  CC-BY-4.0   1728
Use restrictions:
  Apache-2.0 AND Testing-Demonstration-only-1   1
  CC-BY-4.0 AND LicenseRef-Sample-Video-Restrictions-1   3
Wrong license statement:
  Apache (version unspecified)   17
Weak Copyleft:
  List of dependency licenses (CDDL-1.0 AND CDDL-1.1 AND EPL-1.0 AND MPL-1.1 AND Apache-2.0 AND BSD-2-Clause AND BSD-3-Clause AND CC0-1.0 AND Jython AND MIT AND OFL-1.1 AND WTFPL AND Public domain statement)   1
  Apache-2.0 AND BSD-2-Clause-FreeBSD   1
  Apache-2.0 AND CC-BY-4.0 AND MIT AND OFL-1.1   1
  Apache-2.0 AND MIT   1
  BSD-3-Clause   19
  BSD-3-Clause AND MIT   1
  CC-BY-4.0 AND MIT AND OFL-1.1   2
  MIT   137
  Apache-2.0 AND MIT AND OFL-1.1   1
  Apache-2.0 AND OFL-1.1   1
  Facebook BSD-3-Clause + PATENTS   2
  OFL-1.1   16
  Unlicense   1
No license found:
  No license found in file   1076
  No license found in file - excluded file extension   1669
  No license found in file - empty file   46
  No license found in file - third party directory   67
TOTAL   8133  

Counts are numbers of files detected in the scanned repos.

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